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How do I know you are trustworthy?
We have been selling via Paypal for years and have a great feedback rating. We have also sold on eBay and you can see our feedback here.

Are these items legit?
All items are labeled as to whether they are legit or unpermed.

How will I get my items?
We try to be available as much as possible for in game transfers, otherwise we will send mule account information to your PayPal e-mail address.

How long does it take to get my items?
We strive to do all deliveries the same day we receive them, but the longest it should take is 24 hours. If it takes longer, please e-mail us or check your mail spam filters to make sure our e-mails are getting through (or add to your whitelist).

PLEASE be patient during the delivery process. I work a regular full-time job so I am not on 24/7 to deliver orders. The most common question we receive is "where is my order". We deliver orders as fast as we can, and in the order received. Every time you ask us, it just makes it take that much longer. PLEASE be patient!

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal as the main form of payment. We also accept cash and money orders. Feel free to email or message us for more information. PayPal payments funded by bank accounts (eChecks) may take up to 5 business days to clear. As with physical checks, we do not deliver the order until the payment has cleared. In some cases funds may be removed from your bank account several days prior to us actually receiving the credit.

How does the dupe scan work?
The anti-dupe scan, released in 1.08, is designed to detect and delete duplicate items to prevent the balance of the game from being compromised by non-legitimate items. The server gives ID tags to all items with a quality of magical or better when they are spawned. Magic, rare, crafted, jewels, runes, charms, sets, and uniques spawned during or after 1.08, are all created with ID tags. The ID tag includes: date/time/where the item spawned, including what version of the game spawned it (1.08, 1.09, 1.10 or 1.11). The tag is invisible to the client (you) and its data is never sent or received.There are many items which are immune to the dupescan: items spawned before 1.08 and all Non Magical items are in this category. Any items with white or grey text are non magical, and are not checked by the dupescan (i.e. they are immune). Most Pre 1.08 items are with incredible stats and low requirements also fall into this category: the Stone of Jordan, Imp Shanks, Wraith Spur, Raven Spirals, etc. Many of the duplicated items from 1.10 and earlier are immune to the dupescan. However, some duplicate items are vulnerable to deletion. The dupe scan checks items in the stash, on mercenaries, equipped items, as well as items on the ground. Vulnerable items are checked server side for duplicate item tags, and permanently deleted when a character attempts to leave the game with the offending item(s). The dupe scan will also detect and delete items with identical id tags if a character attempts to leave a game with 2 copies of a non permed item. Essentially, the dupe scan detects duplicate items anywhere in a game and flags them for deletion. You can remove the deletion flag by opening, and quickly closing a trade screen with another player. It only takes a moment, and there is no need to move items around, or place them on the trade screen. You may have noticed that when you do move items around during a trade, they revert back to their previous position before the trade screen was opened. Effectively, opening a trade screen does a temporary save for your character on the battlenet server; this save also removes the deletion flags. However, be careful. After one player leaves, the dupe scan is activated again and every item still left in the game is checked again. In effect, make sure you are the first person to leave the game after you open the trade screen and temporarily \'perm\' your character. If you follow these steps, your duped items will be safe.

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